Madeleine Walding joins the Everyone Can Play Advisory Group

We are pleased to announce that Madeleine Walding, our Commercial Manager, has been selected to participate in the Everyone Can Play Advisory Group that will support the development of the NSW Inclusive Playspace Guidelines being prepared by the Office of Open Space and Parklands in the NSW Department of Planning & Environment.


Madeleine Photo

Madeleine Walding, Commercial Manager of Proludic Australia


The New South Wales Government recently announced a commitment to ensure everyone can enjoy playgrounds and play spaces across NSW. The suite of Guidelines, based on the principles of universal design, will communicate how to design and manage these important community spaces to maximise community access. The Everyone Can Play Advisory Group will involve up to 55 members comprised of local government representatives, landscape architects and designers, professional bodies, play equipment manufacturers, academics, industry advocates and community members.

Madeleine’s involvement in the group will enable debate and challenge ideas. Participation by all members will ensure the Guidelines provide appropriate direction and information to assist in the design and management of inclusive play spaces across New South Wales.

“I have a particular interest in inclusive and accessible playgrounds and it is an honour to be part of the Advisory Group. I am excited about the opportunity to share my experiences and understanding of universal design and inclusive play based on 25 years of working in playgrounds. I look forward to learning from other group members and contributing to the development of the Guidelines that will ensure everyone can play”, says Madeleine.

Inclusion is a key aspect of Proludic’s approach to both product and play area design because we believe that all children should have access to play and to the same play facilities. We have many resources available to help our clients understand more fully about designing inclusive play areas including our award-winning Inclusive Play Areas Guide