Proludic designs a playful wonderland at a new Center Parcs Resort!

Proludic has designed and created a magical indoor play area for a new Centre Parcs Holiday Village in France. The playground has two large maze-type structures and is completely decorated with custom-designed graphics inspired by fairy tales.

CenterParcs_11 CenterParcs_TroisMoutiers_FR_020

The ‘The Giant’s Puppet Show’ section is designed for young children up to 6 years of age. Children are transported into a wonderful world of princesses, knights, fairies and mystical creatures by the eye-catching graphics which help to inspire role-play games. Tunnels, slides, play panels, talk tubes, stairs, bridges, windows and distorting mirrors provide a multitude of play activities.

CenterParcs_TroisMoutiers_edited2 CenterParcs_TroisMoutiers_FR_015 CenterParcs_TroisMoutiers_FR_014

The 10m high ‘Giant Castle of Cards’ is designed for 6 to 12 year old children. This very large, fairy tale themed maze-type structure has three different levels that are linked together with stairs. There are bridges, flexible walkways, crawl tunnels, narrow passages, a triple wave slide and a 6m high helical tube slide. The structure provides a real test of balance and self-control to navigate the three-dimensional space and to overcome the challenge of heights. The graphics are full of fun and scary surprises!

CenterParcs_TroisMoutiers_FR_019 CenterParcs_TroisMoutiers_FR_002

Another exciting play feature is the pneumatic ball cannons located on the middle and upper levels that enable children to play games with the other children in the ground level ball pool. The central space is transformed into a battlefield with 16 000 foam balls that can be fed into tubes and transported to the cannons above to become soft projectiles fired into the battle arena.

CenterParcs_TroisMoutiers_FR_005 CenterParcs_TroisMoutiers_FR_006 CenterParcs_TroisMoutiers_FR_018

Proludic’s award-winning ‘Grafic Games’ technique has been used to decorate over 250 square metres of themed panels on the amazing play structures. The playground is full of fun surprises and transports children into an imaginary world! Since its launch in June the play area has been hugely popular with holiday makers visiting the resort.

This play area demonstrates Proludic’s ability to design large-scale bespoke and imaginative projects. View other Proludic playspaces at