New for 2015: 4 themes in the Diabolo range

DiaboloNow even more play features available in the Diabolo range as well as 4 new themes.

The Diabolo products are known for their wide number of play features, and compact design making them suitable for almost any location. The range has now been further enhanced with four new themes: Medieval, City, Adventure and Metropolis, all designed to stimulate children’s imagination.

Each of the themed structures is a gateway to a world of adventures, as well as providing valuable opportunities for developing physical skills.

Diabolo Metropolis Diabolo Metropolis 2

Both the play features and the surface of the panels are themed, allowing children to create their own stories and games. The subtle design details will also ensure that children keep coming back again and again to discover the full extent of the play opportunities.

In addition to the themed features, there is a diverse range of elements that will test and stimulate children’s physical and mental skills. To name just a few, the range features panels that help learning to tell the time, learning the alphabet and to discover Roman numerals.

Diabolo Aventure   Diabolo Panel 1 Diabolo Panel 2

Each theme is unique in terms of its colours and design features.

The materials are identical to those used in the standard Diabolo structures. The panels and platforms are made from non-slip HPL, the posts are constructed from powder-coated galvanised steel, and the tubes made from stainless steel. All these materials have been chosen for their hard-wearing properties and long life expectancy.

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