Natural play in a new residential development

Kanope_AustraliaPlay equipment at Seabreeze Estate has been provided to encourage natural and imaginative play activities

Seabreeze Estate, Waikiki is a new residential development located near the beach and close to the town of Rockingham in WA. The public open spaces are welcoming to families and capture the character of the coastal location. A large playground, open areas for ball games and bicycle pathways provide recreational opportunities that foster a healthy lifestyle.

The playground has been designed to encourage natural and imaginative play activities. Children can explore ‘semi – wild’ spaces formed by clumps of Grass Trees in areas with boulders and tree trunks. The playground is in the centre of the public park and includes Proludic play equipment, a custom designed shelter and park furniture.

Kanope 1 Kanope 2 Kanope J2730

The Kanope Multi Play equipment from Proludic complements the character of the open space areas. The Kanope range has been inspired by the experience of climbing a tree in a forest and children have great fun climbing, clambering, sliding and socialising. With its curved laminated timber beams, asymmetrical shapes and diverse tones of green, orange, yellow and brown Kanope enhances playgrounds in both natural and urban settings. Its structures are a playful, aesthetically pleasing twist on the natural features found in forests.

The Digger Sand Factory

The playground also includes Proludic’s Sand Factory and Sand Digger which provide a whole world of exploration and creation. The Sand Factory includes a wide range of different workstations encouraging the extraction, transportation and moulding of sand. Playing with sand is a stimulating, fun, natural play activity that all children enjoy. This tactile play element is also a source of constant discovery and learning opportunities, particularly for young children who develop their motor skills and enhance their concentration while having fun.



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